The Borough undertakes a number of projects each year to maintain and improve our community. Below is a list of projects that are seeing active work or are in planning stages. Occasionally, projects done by entities other than the Borough are posted here as well.


  • 2022 Road Project-
    • Currently, it is anticipated that portions of Church, Boyd, North, and Moore Streets will undergo work in Spring/Summer 2022. This project is focusing on streets with damaged or corroded storm sewer inlets or pipes. Storm Sewers, when not appropriately maintained, can cause sinkholes, standing water on roads, and other safety issues.
    • This project is currently in planning phases. As the project develops, please check the Millersburg Borough Facebook page for breaking news, as well as the website and Facebook page for notices about traffic detours, project timelines, and more.
  • MYO Park Renovations– there is a dedicated page for this project here. All work has finished.
  • Gazebo in Market Square Park– the Borough is currently seeking quotes and funding to repair the floor, expand the roof, and repaint the Gazebo.
  • Daniel Miller House– future renovations and repairs are being discussed.