Millersburg Borough
Boards and Commissions

If you are a borough resident and you are interested in filling any listed vacancy, please contact us.

Borough Council

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Planning Commission

  • Jane Woodside, Chair
  • Dana Bellis, Vice Chair
  • Brent Boyer
  • Gary Ibberson
  • Yvonne Miller

Civil Service Commission

  • George Wright, Chair
  • Maynard Kratzer, Vice Chair
  • Gary Ibberson

Zoning Hearing Board

  • Vacant
  • Alphus Klinger II
  • Vacant
  • Vacant, Alternate
  • Guy P. Beneventano, Solicitor

Property Maintenance Appeal Board

  • Frederick W. Bednar
  • Deborah Hershey
  • Erick K. Wolochuk
  • Larry Conley, Alternate

Shade Tree Commission

  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

Emergency Management

    • Sean M. Grimm, Coordinator
    • John A. Brabbits, Deputy

Upper Dauphin Industrial Development Authority

  • Lori J. Schoffstall
  • Tamie Laudenslager
  • Alexander R. Reber
  • David E. Hawley
  • Jeffrey D. Engle, Solicitor

Professional Services

Engineer: Gannett-Flemming

Auditor: JH Williams & Co. LLP


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